Project cadmus

Project cadmus, Project cadmus is a privately funded brain trust kept deep beneath metropolis it’s a joint.

Definitions of project cadmus, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of project cadmus, analogical dictionary of project cadmus (english. Supergirl's first season on the cw will introduce a handful of new characters. Project cadmus is a fictional genetic engineering project in the dc comics universe its notable creations included the golden guardian (a clone of the original. Origin project cadmus was originally formed as the dna project, and was founded by mad scientist dr dabney donovan and the newsboy legion it was a scientific. Project cadmus was a top secret agency of the united states government, which focused on.

A recap of supergirl, season 1 episode 117 manhunter on cbs starring melissa benoist, dean cain, jenna dewan tatum, david hardwood, and chyler leigh. History project cadmus was a governmental genetic engineering facility superman was against using the place, which is why he wouldn't work with the government. Project cadmus 12 likes project cadmus was a secret division of the united states government dedicated to countering the power of metahumans in the. Project cadmus is a scientific institution dealing with advanced genetics, genetic engineering.

Our core cadmus project llc is a publishing solutions and business services partnership based in armenia focusing primarily in digital and print publishing. In greek mythology, cadmus (/ ˈ k æ d m ə s / greek: κάδμος kadmos), was the founder and first king of thebes cadmus was the first greek hero and. Project cadmus was teased in supergirl season 1, and we finally got a glimpse inside this laboratory in the season 2 premiere not only that, but the dc villain.

Project cadmus is a scientific research group primarily known for its achievements in genetic. Project cadmus was a secret division of the united states government dedicated to countering. Project cadmus was a office of naval intelligence project, attempting to seek a replacement for.

Project cadmus also simply known as cadmus is a us private institute that specializes in. Project cadmus is the main antagonistic force in the second season of supergirl initially a.

Project cadmus, often referred to as simply cadmus, was a secret division of the united states. Now that myriad has been unleashed, supergirl's got a new mystery to unravel after hank henshaw was publicly unmasked as.

Project cadmus
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